So craziest thing, I was getting ready for work this morning and I heard some car doors shut and people talking. I assumed it was just my neighbor, but then my doorbell rang. I was like oh shit, who could be here? So I went into my sister’s room for a prime lookout location. And I see my sister’s boyfriend’s truck in the driveway, and I was like hmm interesting, maybe he’s trying to pick something up. And then I see another dude walking in front of my house who I recognized from pictures my sister had sent me from her internship. Then I realized what was up and I was like holy shit and I turned around and walked out of my sister’s room and she was standing right there!! 

So hooray my sister came home from her internship early and we got to hang all night! Unfortunately that means I’m not going to drive down with her boyfriend to pick her up next week, and we don’t get to spend our birthdays in California, but it’s all good. 

I think the new plan is to go to Spokane to visit friends as soon as I’m done working on Friday. Two of her best friends live there and three of my good friends are starting at Gonzaga, so I’ll be able to spend my birthday with all of them. Then pretty much as soon as we get back from Spokane, I’m going to leave with my friend Jesse and go to Boise to visit our other friend Zach. Such excitement to look forward to. And my best friend is home. Happy happy times. 

fee fi fo fum

where the fuck is my coffee

Ew all these couple posts on Instagram of couples saying goodbye as they leave for college is making me sick.

My parents brought me back this guitar pick that was made by the guy who did the artwork for Endless Summer.

My parents brought me back this guitar pick that was made by the guy who did the artwork for Endless Summer.

These past couple of days have been crazy wonderful! Playing the show, “staff bonding”, and just doing my own thing.

Also, my sister’s really good friend that she met at her internship and had lived with for the past month is in portland this weekend, and my sister wanted us to meet. So last night I went to this party of the girl that she’s staying with and it was a bunch of first year law students. Pretty interesting, but cool. We ended up hanging out again today and she said that she wanted to do something cool and portlandy and since musicfest nw is going on right now, I thought we could go down and try to sneak in or at least listen to the music from outside. Two dudes ended up giving us their wristbands as they wear leaving so we sneakily got in and watched most of Spoon’s set. It was pretty rad.
Now it’s on to another week of work with not enough sleep. But it should be an interesting week.

my band’s playin a show tonight! at snoop dog’s uncle’s rib restaurant…that’s not very vegetarian of us.

Happiest moment is when I found out my roommate this year is also vegetarian !!!

A good job = good coworkers, good coworkers = people who text you in the morning before work saying they’re making a coffee run and ask if you want anything.

…back when things were simpler and my sister still played i miss you by blink 182 on bass in her room.

Felt all sicky before I was supposed to leave to go camping with my friends this morning but now I’m feeling better and everyone is gone :(

What is this all star game and why did I just get to see a free cold war kids show because of it?

Last night was so rad. My sister’s best friend from high school who goes to school in Texas was back in town. So just the two of us hung out because my sister is still in California for another month. We ended up at a party with some people that I work with and their friends and it was lots of fun.